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  • 小学生暑假英语作文三篇

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    Skating is a very interesting thing, whenever I think of my skating scene, still feel funny!

    Ice skating is really fun! One night in the skating, a round moon rises slowly, and the silver moonlight shines on the feathers of the feathers. I and my mother happily came to the cultural square to skate. When I got there, I saw the number of people on the ice rink. I can not wait to put on skates, slip away. Suddenly, came a brakes. I am on the ground, like a penguin-like, crooked. My mother to see me this, can not help but laugh, I could not help but laugh. Mom had to help me find a coach, taught to teach me patiently. Hand back, foot step, knee forward tilt. I follow the coach to teach me the way to do it. Sure enough, 'kung fu pays off,' I finally learned to skate. My heart was happy to fly up, his face with a smile from the heart. I slipped like a monkey, like a duck like a duck, like a penguin like a slip. I slipped to my mother, she quickly stretched out the big mother, said to me; '' You are awesome! ''

    As the saying goes, "the world is not difficult, I'm afraid people". This sentence is not wrong at all. We have no matter what, as long as there is confidence, perseverance, patience will be able to do well


    Time is very fast, the whole summer life has long gone, and now, I have in the classroom, the second day of study and life.

    Memories of the whole summer vacation, the day was very dull, only know that the day hurried past, and rush to come, one-third of the summer vacation, used in the operation, however, the remaining two-thirds , Get rid of one day I went to Changzhou dinosaur park, other days, what am I doing? In the plain boring summer vacation, day by day in the past, I just repeat the sleep, reading, watching TV. Every day, I just stay at home, because I really is nothing to do, except for a week of saxophone class, almost homes.

    Wake up from the morning to enter a state that can be said to be idle, I feel the time past a hurry, I suddenly want to seize the time, so I started the whole half of the whole day to read, however, when The next day the sun once again shot in my bed, I remember yesterday I did, but, when I did not do anything because of yesterday's silence, the time again and again ran by , I have not prepared to catch the time to run, can not catch the time came, because I have been too dull days, I did not set up every day, and then recall the whole July, what I did in the end, However, all things are very vague.

    The first day of August is on schedule, and I am fortunate that in late August I want the Saxophone rating, because it is my only summer vacation, the only meaningful hope, I finally got one more thing every day, Practice blowing saxophone.

    But the day is still hurry to live, I just sit at home every day watching the shadow of the scene from long to short, and from short to long, until the end, completely sunk into the shady, and then the next day the sun Of the rise and fall, so the whole of August is also gone through the vanity of all day.

    Although the summer vacation is very plain, but I had to wipe the whole seventh year of life waved goodbye, and I only in the eighth grade to seize the time to catch up with the time.


    Finally summer vacation, but I have to go to school every day, although to class, but I am very happy, because these classes are I want to class.

    When I was not in the summer vacation, I had been on two classes for a long time, and I had English on Monday and Thursday because I was not too English, so I had to make up my English so that I could go to school with English. I painted classes on my class with me, I painted sketches, brother paintings, and we all like to learn painting.

    Summer I have two more interest classes, Tuesday I went to the clay with my brother interest classes, because I like to play with my brother clay, so my mother let us on the clay community. I had to attend the old class on Wednesday, but I had not practiced for too long. So the teacher said that on Monday I was going to practice, so I could go to practice on Monday and Wednesday. Clarion.

    This year's summer vacation is fun, although every day to class, but there are a lot of fun interest classes. I like to spend the summer vacation, because the summer vacation, I have time to more interested in the class.

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