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    发布日期:2020-09-13  来源:未知


    Thespring festival is Chinese most traditional festival every 365 days. Each Chinese pay much attention on it. Every year about 15 days before spring festival, the migrate works and white-collars are beginning crowded home-returning.

    But, in recent years, with the development of the world, many different attitudes between the young and the old towards the spring festival come forth. The old are still pay more attention to the spring festival, but the young gradually change the mode to spend their spring festival holiday, such as travel overseas.

    When I am a childhood, I celebrated the spring festival with my family about a month in my winter vacation in traditional way, such as helping cleaning our houses, putting red couplets on gates, setting off firecrackers, and wear new clothes. Now, I spend only 4 or 5 days at home with my parents in celebrating the spring festival, then I will hurry back to work. Maybe in the near future, I will have no time celebrating spring festival hometown, and my parents have to come to stay with us in the city.

    Whether or no, I like the spring festival. It is one of the most important part of our Chinese culture. However busy I am, I will try my best to celebrating it with the traditional way to protect those our ancestor has leave behind.

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